Best Cards in Clash Royale

Especially for New Players, it’s incredible to have an Idea over Which Cards in Clash Royale Are Considered the Best, So That You Can Know Which Cards to Request from Your Clan. Moreover, You Will Often Have Several Cards Ready To Be Upgraded, But Not Enough Gold To Upgrade All Of Them. By then it’s Nice To Know Which Cards You Should Focus On.

Best Cards in Clash Royale

I Base This Ranking On Which Cards I Believe You Will Have The Most Use For As You Move Up Through The Clash Royale Arenas in Clash Royale apk. I Don’t Have The Legendary Cards Yet, So They Are Not Included In The List. I Will Start The With The Honorable Mentions And Go Up The List.

These Cards Are Good And Quite Popular In The Game, But Did Not Make The Top 5 List. You should Suggest Other Cards You Like That I Should Add Here, Or If You Believe Any of Them Deserve to Be in the Top 5. The Honorable Mentions Are In Random Order.

  1. Arrows.
  2. Fireball.
  3. Prince
  4. Golem.
  5. Dark Prince


Arrows have a huge radius and give you so many opportunities to deal with swarms of troops approaching your towers. Arrows also gives you so many ways to gain an elixir advantage in the game


This card is used on Barbarians, Minion Horde, Goblin Barrel, Witch, Bomber, Wizard and lots of other cards. Lets say your opponent drops a Giant, he will often follow up with a Witch, Bomber, and Archers. Your fireball will take out all the troops behind the Giant and they are the ones that cause the most damage.


Prince is one of the best cards in this game and is able to take out an enemy tower all on his own. That means you really force your opponent to react when you send a Prince at him.


The Golem is, in my opinion, the best high HP troop in the game. What pushes it down all the way to 9th place, is the high elixir cost, and also the fact that it can be easily countered by lots of different troops if you don’t back it up.

Dark Prince

This is a new card from the March 2016 update of Clash Royale. He is similar to the Prince in the way he is charging to do extra damage. However, the Prince weakness in dealing with swarms of small troops is where the Dark Prince is strong.

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