Bike Locks And What To Consider

In order to keep your bike, you will need two secure and durable locks. A primary and a secondary lock are of utmost importance as both should be lockable to the back wheel or frame. The secondary lock secures the front wheel and frame. Both your primary and secondary locks should lock to any piece of sturdy furniture on the street or a bike stand.

If you have less than two locks, your bike becomes a susceptible target. A disheartening fact is that no lock is completely unbreakable which means that if a thief wants; they can break your lock at any time with the right tools. You may hear of many who spend a large percentage of the value of the cycle on locks. It is actually better to spend as much money as you are able to afford.

If you think about it, a rusted bike worth mere $100 could mean as much to a person owning a bike worth $1500. You can purchase $15 locks and they can be broken with mere scissors. So what you are looking for ideally is a good set of locks and a good locking technique which would resist attempts by thieves to break through.

First, a biker owner needs to understand that you are getting what you pay for. Cheap locks give you cheap security as expensive locks give you a much better all round security. However, a cheap lock is obviously better than no lock at all. If you come across a bike thief who is extremely dedicated, it’s time to say farewell.
Secondly, you must consider that a cable lock which is light enough can also be as easily broken. Cable locks should only be used along with a strong and sturdy U-lock as reinforcement. This is the best bike lock option. It is never advisable to lock your bike to an object that can break easily. A wooden fence or a tree should never be used as an anchor.

Keys are an important element of bike security. In the past there have been reports of some locks which could be simply opened with a ball-point pen. Beware of such cylinder-key locks. Even companies like Kryptonite have been affected by this. Nowadays cylinder keys are not available anymore but they could be back anytime soon, so it is best avoided.

An extended warranty is always a good idea. It won’t cover you against theft, but it is an indication that your lock won’t let you down. An anti-theft guarantee is also a practical option and is simply a form of insurance. Anti-theft guarantees are expensive but you are guaranteed peace for the price you are paying.

Finally, when it comes to bikes it is important to keep in mind that less is not more. The performance of a bike’s security devices should increase as proportionate to its weight. Regarding portable locks, it is a personal choice as to how much weight you want to be carrying around all the time.

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