Far Cry 3 by Ubisoft – Blend Of Thrill And Joys

Far Cry 3 can now be played Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The original Far Cry PC version has upped its appeal with video enhancements and better interactive graphical experience to heighten the game play with Far Cry 3. The Far Cry franchise has been successfully keeping the brand of an open world first person shooter video game alive. Developed mainly by Ubisoft Montreal, Far Cry 3 places you in the shoes of the protagonist Jason Brody on a vacation gone wrong who must save his friends from the clutches of evil pirates on an island.

Far Cry 3 by Ubisoft – Blend Of Thrill And Joys

Far Cry has been around for almost 10 years now. Cut scenes have been revamped to inject graphical enhancements into the game. The game Far Cry 3 has received a series of award nominations which include “Game of the Year”, “Action Game of the Year” and two nominations for Best visual arts and Best technology. In April, 2013 a stand-alone extended version of the game called Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon had been released by Ubisoft. Far Cry 4 has been long rumored to join the series, and with the success of Far Cry 3 Ubisoft assures an addition to the series “soon”.

The Plot: In the Shoes of Jason Brody

The protagonist is Jason Brody who is vacationing with his friends and brother in Bangkok. A skydiving expedition gone wrong later they land up in a pirate infested island somewhere between the Pacific and Indian Oceans. They are taken hostage by Vaas, the pirate leader who plans to extract ransom in lieu of their lives and sell them to slave traders.

Jason manages to escape from Vaas’ clutches and finds refuge with the Rakyats, the island natives who want to oust the pirates as much as Brody does. Dennis Rogers, a member of the Rakyat tribe convinces Jason that the only way to defeat the pirates is by becoming a Rakyat warrior. Jason finds a dragon knife, a Rakyat relic and is allowed to enter the sacred Rakyat temple. Brody is branded with the tribe’s tattoo of a warrior and he wages a crusade with the Rakyats to oust Vaas and Hoyt, an evil slave trader who employs Vaas.

When Jason learns that his brother Riley has been killed by the pirates, he chooses to stay behind as a Rakyat warrior and help bring down the pirates. A motley of other characters like Citra (the tribe leader and also the brother of Vaas as is later revealed), CIA Agent Huntley and Sam Becker (a double agent infiltrating Hoyt’s lines) also appear in the cinematic narration of the basic premise of the game.

Gameplay: The Soul of Far Cry 3

Ubisoft believes that open world gaming is going to be the future of videogames. Thus Far Cry 3 packs in great features suited for providing gamers with a brilliant open world gaming experience. There are also some role-playing elements involved. Experience points, skill trees play an important role. Once you step into Brody’s shoes you have the ability to carry out silent takedowns and surprise attacks. The story mode map is much bigger than the previous installments and players can now carry out a survey and properly plan their moves and attacks before opening fire.

Once an enemy breaks the player’s line of sight he can be tagged with a camera and his movements can be tracked. The game progresses through a series of missions being completed. Once you complete a mission new items are unlocked- to be purchased or crafted. If one enemy camp is razed areas in the vicinity become safer for exploration and side quests are unlocked. (which might involve hunting animals to upgrade your equipments and weapons).

The Skill Tree

Once you kill an enemy or complete a mission, you earn experience points which then upgrade your skill tree. The skill tree has three components based on the ancient Rakyat traditions-the Spider, the Heron and the Shark.
The spider enhances the stealth takedown and hunting skills of Jason Brody. Heron upgrades his long-range takedown and mobility. The Shark upgrades health and assault takedowns.

The Character Arc: Far Cry 3 and the Emotional Journey of the Characters

According to the Far Cry 3 developers, character arc play a very crucial part in the theme of the game. Jason is initially reluctant to take up arms, he is not a trained soldier but face with the responsibility of saving his brother and friends he becomes more receptive to violence. He takes up arms and becomes known as a fearsome warrior.

This is the story of an ordinary man

Jeffrey Yohalem, the game writer once said in an interview that the game aimed to portray “what shooting means and what it does to humanity”. The emotional turns and twists in the game are aimed to create plot points in the story and carry the game forward. Far Cry 3 earned the award nomination for “Outstanding Character performance” (Vaas Montegreno). Producer Dan Hay claims that merging together the systematic and emotional sides of the game has helped Far Cry 3 unveil hitherto unchartered grounds.

Critical Response and User Reviews

Far Cry 3 has been well received by critics and users alike. The open world environment, the detailed plot, well penned characters and the brilliant cast make Far Cry 3 the game play experience that it is. Users have loved the exploration environment, the customized combats, the open world environment and the sleek feel of the game unanimously. Game reviewing websites like Metacritic, Gamespot , Gamerankings and Eurogamer have all given high ratings to this installment of the Far Cry series. Though the graphics of the island might get repetitive after a while; the compelling storyline, the wide range of customizable weapons, solid gunplay and satisfying missions will more than make up for the drawback.

Ubisoft has added onto the experience of open world game play with Far Cry 3. According to rumors, Far Cry 4 riding on the success of Far Cry 3 will be making its appearance quite soon.

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