Simple Steps To Improve Your Website’s Domain Authority

Domain Authority

Domain Authority (DA) is the website metric which have been developed by Moz. Domain Authority is a standout amongst the most imperative numbers known to SEO. Increasing your DA will result in high traffic and high rank of your website.

Improve Your Website’s Domain Authority

Domain Authority is the value ( in a 100-point scale) created by Moz that calculates how your website gets ranking in search engines. You can use Domain Authority while analysing and comparing with one website to another or following the “quality” of your site after some time. We established the metrics by joining the greater part of our other connection measurements—connecting root areas, number of aggregate connections, MozRank, MozTrust, and so on. So, Domain Authority plays important role in website analysis. There are website analysis tool to check website analysis. Here you can get simple steps to improve your website’s domain authority.

In Basic, you should have a good link profile and you need to do two things.

1. Clear all bad links
2. Increase or Improve good links

Clear All Bad Links

It is not much difficult. You can remove all bad links. If you haven’t removed them better you can disallow them.

Improve Good Links

The second one is to gain good links. For this you many choose any of the method. First thing you can go with any SEO agency and engage services for your website by building high quality backlinks. Then the other is to build links by creating a site with high value information. i.e Content Marketing. Out of this gain good links by doing SEO for your website is the best option.


Optimize your website by following SEO aspects and it is very important. You should map out a URL structure and optimize them. Moz describes simply about domain authority, i.e if you need to improve your DA You should improve overall SEO. There are many free domain authority checker tool were available to check DA of your website.

Build More Linkable Content

Content Marketing is the best method in which you have much linkable content. You should create article daily with 1000 words. Content will help to drive your business. So build links with your content and improve domain authority of your website. Also you should develop strong internal linking. It is the powerful method in which both user and search engine will benefit by crawling and indexing your site.

Remove Unwanted Backlinks Regularly

If you are building backlinks, it is necessary to check your backlinks are live or not. If your backlinks do not exist you should remove them accordingly. By following this you will gain from google penalty or manual penalty. By implementing all above steps your domain authority will gradually increase and your website will rank more.

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