The Best Android Launcher Themes

Most probably, you know already that the Android launchers are some great applications that allow users to customize the screens and functions of their devices. These days, you can easily find various launchers that provide tons of themes and since most of these launchers supports rooted devices only, you should root your Android phone before installing them. This article reveals the best possible themes that you can find for the most important launchers.

Android Launcher Theme

The Best LauncherPro Themes

1. Simplicity Theme: This beautiful and simple theme is able to match any wallpaper. A great thing about using this theme is the fact that you can find different offers that allow you to get additional colors, icons and features.

2. TCons Icon Pack: This Icon Pack allows you to get different additional features that can help you customize the icons that the LauncherPro brings along. By downloading this pack, you can get the best out of your desktop’s icons.

3. Mint Debian Theme: This is another great application that brings in a beautiful theme. It gives users the chance to get different icons for their favorite application and functionalities.

4. Suave HD LauncherPro Theme: Although some users consider that this theme should provide more functions, such as im+ pro, pulse, and XDA premium, others believe that Suave LauncherPro theme is really great as it brings along different abilities that turn their devices into some very useful tools.

5. Honeycomb for LauncherPro+: The great thing about this theme is the fact that it delivers some very sober colors. Therefore, if you want to have a really stylish home screen, you should definitely go for this theme.

The Best ADW.Launcher Themes

1. ADW Pirate Theme: This theme comes with beautiful screens that turn your device into a truly great adventure. Coming along with beautiful icons and shortcuts for various applications, this theme gives you the chance to provide your mobile unit a truly unique look.

2. ADW Metal Look Theme: This theme changes the look of your device by giving it the chance to borrow some great-looking icons. The greatest thing about using this theme is the fact that it provides the screen an almost unique metal look.

3. ADW Purple Theme: This is another beautiful theme that can easily embellish your screen with some truly great color combinations. This theme comes along with eight different themes and a vast icon pack. Therefore, you have the chance to choose your favorite elements and enjoy having a truly beautiful theme for your screen.

4. Honeycomb ADV Theme: Although this theme is very simple, some users claim that it makes their Android phones to perform faster than before. If you want to find out everything about its functionalists, you should give it a try.

5. Minimalist ADW Theme: This is another great theme that can enhance the functions of any Android phone. This theme comes with some very simple yet highly functional additions, which are highlighted by various black and white shades that truly reflect a minimalistic look.

The Best Go Launcher Ex Themes

1. New Glass Theme: The users have the impression that the elements of this theme are made from glass. Furthermore, in order to deliver an aspect that is very close to the real glass, the theme delivers some truly excellent graphics.

2. Go Launcher Ex Theme Sense: Currently, you can get two different versions for this theme: carbon and classic. The developer has already announced that the users are going to enjoy different other versions that will provide some additional docks.

3. iPhone Go Launcher Ex Theme: This theme is simply beautiful. It includes all the icons that are officially made for iPhone. Additionally, it provides tons of custom icons, wallpapers, backgrounds and other elements that any users can use to customize their iPhones.

4. Classic Theme Go Launcher Ex: Although this theme reveals a classic composition, it comes with a trendy style which delivers bright colors, wallpapers, icons, a great app drawer and folders interface. With this theme, the users can easily enjoy a complete makeover of their mobile devices.

5. Sketch Theme Go Launcher Ex: This theme also provides a beautiful and simple style. It comes along with 14 different icons, wallpapers, a great folder interface and other important functions.

Any of the aforementioned themes are available on the Android Market. Now, the only thing that you need to do is to look for them and choose the most suitable theme for your device.