Ways To Install Android Apk Files Using Chromebook

Many people are using Android Smartphone and getting updates from the play store and through the website using the browser on the Smartphone.In many Smartphone the default browser is Google Chrome.Android apps are coming through Google’s Chrome Operating System Platform.

Ways To Install Android Apk Files Using Chromebook

You have found the various Chromebook functionalities such as WhatsApp, Hike, Uber, Chromecast and lack of GPS on the Chromebook on your Android 6.0 Tablet. Hopefully, you can download the free apks files through Chromebook.Here there are some installation steps to download .apk files through Chromebook

What Is An Apk File?

Files with the .exe file are the extension to download the apk for free that present in the computer.APK is a data format used for installing the some of the Unknown software which is not present in the Play Store.

Steps To Install Apk Files Using Chromebook

To install the application using Chromebook you need to allow the third-party “Unknown Resources” are available in the Chromebook.In that Chromebook with the Developer, the mode is also “Enable” on your Smartphone.Be Careful while because of the .apk file may contain some Viruses which reduce the speed of the Device.

  1. You need to download a File Manager app from the play store which is suitable to your Smartphone.Open the play store and install the file manager application which you want to download and install to your Smartphone.
  2. Download the .apk files of an application which you like to install from the APKMirror for your Android Smartphone.At the same time go to setting and then click “Chrome OS Setting” and click on the App Setting in the Android Application Section.
  3. The Android Setting dialogue box will appear on the Screen.On that click on the Security button and turn on “Unknown sources” available in the option.
  4. If the Apk file is download, Open the file manager app and check the app is presented and go to the download folders.Open the Apk file and install the application on your Android Smartphone.Then Press the “Install” button.
  5. The application which has installed may take the longer time, but the app which is tried to install will installed successfully without any fuss.After Installation click on “Open” button and the icon is displayed in the notification taskbar.After that Start using the application on your smartphone.

Though there are many ways to install the apk files.The simplest and easy method of downloading and installing the application is using the Chromebook.

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